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On Tuesday, Tesla conducted operations at its Shanghai plant at much lower than its actual capacity which is reflective of all the issues...


10 May 2022

Tesla Stumbles under Shanghai Lockdowns as Beijing Battles to Control Spread

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday announced that the real global death toll associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic...


6 May 2022

WHO: World’s True COVID-19 Death Toll Estimated at Nearly 15 Million

Research has shown that people hospitalized with COVID-19 are more likely to develop cognitive problems, namely losing 10 IQ points that are tantamount to 20 years of ageing.


5 May 2022

Research: COVID-19 Can Cause Cognitive Damage Equal to 20 Years of Ageing

In a desperate attempt to offset a potential plight like that of Shanghai, China’s capital of Beijing has ramped up mass COVID-19 testing for its...


28 Apr 2022

Beijing Tightens COVID-19 Screening to Avert Shanghai-Like Situation

China’s present COVID-19 outbreak has taken a turn for the worse as mounting cases in Beijing triggered fears of a potential new lockdown...


25 Apr 2022

China’s COVID-19 Outbreak Worsens, Raising Fears of Potential Lockdown in Beijing

Shanghai has reported a marked rise in COVID-19 cases with the number of serious infections tripling within 24 hours, raising fresh concerns that the...


21 Apr 2022

Shanghai’s Number of Acute COVID-19 Cases Triple within 24 Hours

The Biden administration is set to appeal a ruling ending mask mandates aboard airplanes, provided the Centers for Disease Control and...


20 Apr 2022

Biden Administration to Appeal No-Mask Verdict if CDC Approves

A newly-developed nasal spray which can protect people against all the variants of the COVID-19 is set to begin human trials after successfully...


19 Apr 2022

New Nasal Spray that Protects against All COVID-19 Variants to Start Human Trials

Australian health officials are advising people to be on alert after a hybrid Omicron variant of COVID-19 was detected in the state of New South...


15 Apr 2022

Australia Turns Vigilant after Omicron XE Variant Detected in New South Wales

The world has hit yet another sobering milestone after countries across the globe reported half a billion COVID-19 cases on...


14 Apr 2022

COVID-19 Cases Hit Record 500 Million Cases Globally

The government of Japan said that the country plans to ease COVID-related border restrictions by lifting its entry ban for foreign...


7 Apr 2022

Japan plans to finally ease COVID-19 entry ban for 106 countries including USA

World Health Organisation reported the discovery of a new Covid mutant ‘XE’ that has been found in the UK, latest report noted that it...


4 Apr 2022

Covid-19: WHO warns of new virulent mutant 'XE' found in UK

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