Mustang Mach- E is ready to make its debut and ford’s head of electric throws shade at Tesla- The picture of EV space today


Ford’s first electric vehicle Mustang Mach-e has unveiled it’s first look and has already started bidding high on dealership. The Head of electric vehicles , executive in charge of the vehicle took a thinly veiled swipe at Tesla’s well-documented quality lapses. In an interview with Autoblog, Darren Palmer, who is one of the frontline faces of the ford’s EV catch-up efforts since 2017, spoke to Autoblog about the new Mustang Mach-E, Ford’s first battery-powered car. The Mach-E is already creating a buzz and is taking a lead as a competitor against Tesla.

“The doors fit properly, the plastics and other materials color-match, the bumpers don’t fall off, the roof doesn’t come off when you wash it, the door handles don’t get stuck in cold weather,” he said of the Mustang Mach-E, Palmer said.

While there is an increase in brands coming up with the EV, the adoption rate is still comparatively low than others. According to the International Energy Agency, Electric cars accounted for less than 3% of all sales globally in 2019.

With the unending growth of e-mobility space, now the another question arises that, ” Will there be enough charging
points to support electric vehicle rollout in the next decades?”

According to BNEF, the global fleet of EVs reached 5 million last year, supported by 632,000 public charging outlets around the world. Under a scenario where EVs will hit 30 percent market share by 2030, the International Energy Agency forecasts that as many as 30 million public chargers would be needed to serve regular passenger vehicles – a number 50 times in excess of today’s.

Based on the progression on infrastructure we’ll need to wait and watch if the giants Like Tesla and Ford will be able to fit in this space with other upcoming brands as well