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Climate and Environment

18 Nov 2021

Marine Biologist Sylvia Earle: An Important Message about Our Oceans

Marine Biologist Sylvia Earle: An Important Message about Our Oceans

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Also known as the Joan of Arc, renowned marine biologist and conservationist Sylvia Earle says it’s time to take action and clean up our oceans before it’s too late.

The 83 year old oceanographer has long been using her voice to raise concerns about the condition of our seas and how we are destroying it. Sylvia Earl has spent many years studying the effects of humans on ocean life and believes we have reached a critical turning point in history. She was among the first humans to explore the undersea with a scuba tank during the 1950s.

Her excessive hours spent underwater has given her the title of “Her Deepness”. With the global temperatures rising and oceans dying, her message to the world is to take action now. From overfishing to dumping waste into the sea, humans have been for centuries polluting the seas to the point of no return.

Without any hesitance, Sylvia said, “If you like to breathe, you’ll listen up.”

She continued, “It’s like magic. It really is. I’m in the deep sea looking around in a place where human beings should not be. But in there. It’s humbling. It’s humbling to be alive at all, when you think what a miracle it is, that earth exists and we exist. And were about to blow it unless we hurry.”

The rapidly declining species of fishes make an important part of the ocean’s ecosystem, without which marine life would cease. “Were losing sharks. 90% of the sharks gone. We need to restore them, every shark should be protected. It’s insane that were doing this. Its blindness. If people really understood, they’d be out there saying thank you sharks, thank you, are you well? Can I take care of you? What can I do to keep you alive? Because you keep me alive.”

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