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Climate change

10 Mar 2022

Study: Amazon Rainforest Approaches Crucial ‘Tipping Point’

Study: Amazon Rainforest Approaches Crucial ‘Tipping Point’

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A new study has found that the Amazon Rainforest is gradually losing its ability to recover from climatic disruptions like draughts. This revelation pushes the world’s largest rainforest towards a dangerous ‘tipping point’.

Scientists contend that over time, the forest land will dry up giving rise to savannas which could have global-scale implications on the climate. Tim Lenton, one of the researchers and Director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter in England, said, “It’s worth reminding ourselves that if it gets to that tipping point and we commit to losing the Amazon rainforest, then we get a significant feedback to global climate change.”

The study, which observed the resiliency pattern of vegetation in the Amazon, came to the alarming conclusion that the rainforest has been losing its ability to recover for the past two decades. This comes following years of warnings from the scientific community of a fast-approaching ‘tipping point’ in the Amazon Rainforest which could have drastic consequences for the planet, E&E News reported.

However, scientists believe that there is still hope if collective political action is taken to control climate change and curb deforestation.

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