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Uber Must Pay $336,600 Penalty on Top of Brussels Near-Shutdown

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Asian Shares Decline as Dollar Goes Higher

The Turkish Lira began on its recovery after reaching record lows caused by the President’s interest rate cuts.

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Turkish Lira Finally Rebounds After Months of Lows

United States

23 Sept 2021

California Governor; New Legislation Will Protect Warehouse Workers

California Governor; New Legislation Will Protect Warehouse Workers

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The governor of California, Gavin Newsom signed a one-of-its-kind bill on Wednesday which aims to limit warehouse workers from applying productivity quotas.

Under the new legislation which gained a 26-11 vote, companies employing warehouse workers will be required to disclose all productivity quotas and ban the use of algorithms which stop employees from taking certain rest periods including bathroom breaks. This bill aims to ensure the health and safety of all warehouse employees working for companies such as Amazon.

Gavin Newsom stated, “We cannot allow corporations to put profit over people. The legislature ensures workers cannot be fired or retaliated against for failing to meet an unsafe quota.”

Although no specific names of corporations or companies were taken, the statement was made as a response to increasing injury rates at Amazon warehouses. The e-commerce giant has recently been criticized for having almost double the rate of serious injuries in comparison to other organizations.

Newsom continued, “The hardworking warehouse employees who have helped sustain us during these unprecedented times should not have to risk injury or face punishment as a result of exploitative quotas that violate basic health and safety.”

However, the new bill has faced criticism from the California Retailers Association who say it will worsen supply chain issues, limit good-paying jobs and increase cost of living for people in the state.