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Long-time Chief Executive Officer Ben Silbermann of Pinterest would step down, handing over the reins of the social media platform to Google...

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Top accounting firm Ernst & Young has been slammed with a record $100 million fine from the US government...

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The Indian rupee slipped into a fresh low today and extended losses against the US dollar.


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Wall Street saw a sharp fall at its closing in a broad sell-off. Consumers' worries over recession have sparked up...

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Soaring inflation may be pushing the US economy into a deep recession. Last week's 0.75% interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve...

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Inflation ringing the recession bell - Mohammed Shaheen


23 Nov 2021

MercadoLibre to Include Crypto Investments In its Digital Wallet

The Index Today

MercadoLibre is boosting its present in the crypto world with its new digital payments app called the MercadoPago. Customers in the region will be able to sell, buy and hold cryptocurrencies through their own digital wallets.

According to Tulio Oliviera, MercadoPago vice president, the financial product will be available to the public in the coming weeks. He said, “We took the time to study and learn before deciding to step into crypto. This has a transformational potential ahead and opens up a new avenue for us.” However, in the initial stages, customers will not be able to pay for goods with cryptocurrencies directly.

In May, the company said its treasury has bought Bitcoin worth $7.7 million after shedding light on the possibilities of crypto business and opportunities. Marcos Galperin, co-founder and CEO said in a Bloomberg interview, “Crypto is going to be a major development. People are trying to retain value and some of the cryptocurrencies will retain value by definition because they cannot be printed away or devalued.”

MercadoLibre initiated its fintech unit back in 2003 and focused on creating payment applications which give customers options to avail credit and insurance. The company’s total payment volume went up 44% last year and reached $20.9 billion in the third quarter.

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