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26 Sept 2021

Sergei Lavrov says Taliban Govt Will Not Receive Intl Recognition at U.N

Sergei Lavrov says Taliban Govt Will Not Receive Intl Recognition at U.N

The Index Today

Sergei Lavrov, foreign minister of Russia has said the Taliban will not be internationally recognized as the new government administration. He further stated plans to bring together world leaders in New York for the U.N General Assembly.

Sergei Lavrov stated, “The question of international recognition of the Taliban at the present juncture is not on the table.”

On Monday, the Taliban announced Doha-based spokesperson Suhail Shaheen as their U.N representative. This announcement was made by Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki after the group’s successful takeover.

According to reports, current Afghan Ambassador, Ghulam Isaczai has asked to renew his U.N accreditation after the government was ousted. Russia along with China and the U.S is a member of the United Nations credentials committee and will be looking over Afghanistan’s claims for the U.N seat this year.

During Taliban’s previous rule between 1996 and 2001, the ambassador of the government remained as the U.N representative as the credential committee postponed the rivals claim to the seat. U.N secretary General Antonio Guterres has said the Taliban government’s push to receive a seat at the international body can only come once women’s rights issues are addressed.

©Photo: Eduardo Munoz - Pool