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Long-time Chief Executive Officer Ben Silbermann of Pinterest would step down, handing over the reins of the social media platform to Google...

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Google executive to take over as a new CEO of Pinterest

Top accounting firm Ernst & Young has been slammed with a record $100 million fine from the US government...

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Accounting firm gets 100 million fine for faulty regulations

The Indian rupee slipped into a fresh low today and extended losses against the US dollar.


The rupee tumbled to a new low against the dollar in the midst of an increase in crude oil price

Wall Street saw a sharp fall at its closing in a broad sell-off. Consumers' worries over recession have sparked up...

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Wall Street Lose Balance after recession strikes growth fear among consumers’

Soaring inflation may be pushing the US economy into a deep recession. Last week's 0.75% interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve...

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Inflation ringing the recession bell - Mohammed Shaheen

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1 Sept 2021

The Cookie Dept. Sues Hershey’s over Kisses Dispute

The Index Today

A popular cookie maker, The Cookie Department Inc. is suing Hershey Co over the right to use a chocolate chip teardrop design on its packaging.

Hershey recently put forward a complaint saying that the design resembles their famous Hershey’s kisses. The company further threatened with a trademark lawsuit accusing it of “borrowing kisses.”

On the other hand, The Cookie Department has defended its stance saying it has been using the famous teardrop design since 2009 as it is a universally known shape as they are used as baking chips all across the world.

The Cookie Department is working to seek an order from the San Francisco federal judge to state it has not violated any intellectual property rights from the opposing party.

The lawsuit concerns Hershey’s use of the phrase “tough cookies only”. A mediation is scheduled for September 6th. According to court papers, Hershey’s kisses were invented in 1907 and has had trademark registration since 1976.

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