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30 Aug 2021

Toyota to Restart E-Palettes after Accident at Olympics

Toyota to Restart E-Palettes after Accident at Olympics

The Index Today

Toyota Announced on Monday it will continue its operations of self-driving e-palette pods at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. It aims to display greater control over operations and enhanced safety to make sure there are no more accidents.

The e-palettes were stopped after an accident occurred involving a visually impaired Japanese athlete, Aramitsu Kitazono. The Vehicle’s sensor detected the pedestrian crossing and activated the brake, but not before colliding with the pedestrian.

According to reports, Aramitsu Kitazono was not harmed in the accident but could not take part in the Games judo event that day due to minor cuts and bruises sustained. This led to further embarrassment for the Japanese automaker which is trying to bring automated vehicles in public places without compromising on safety.

The fully automated e-palette is powered by a battery and was created for use during the Olympic Games. It is built with large doors and ramps to allow athletes to board the vehicle quickly.

After the incident, operators will be given control over the e-palettes speed to help lookout for pedestrians and ensure maximum safety. The palette will also have warning sounds turned up to notify pedestrians at crossings. Japan is currently struggling to manage the covid outbreak amid the Tokyo Olympics.