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United States

11 Oct 2021

U.S Navy Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Share Sensitive Military Data

U.S Navy Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Share Sensitive Military Data

The Index Today

U.S navy employee, Jonathan Toebbe and his wife Diana Toebbe have been charged with attempting to share nuclear submarine technology secrets with foreign nations.

Mr. Toebbe is said to have worked as a nuclear engineer and has been in the government for almost ten years. Documents revealed that he had top-secret clearance with the Department of Defense.

According to unsealed reports, the FBI managed to obtain a parcel with important Navy documents and an SD card which was mailed by Mr. Toebbe intended for either a U.S friend or a rival. The package contained information on how to use the encrypted platform and other documents which were labeled as confidential. In a letter he said, “I believe this information will be of great value to your nation.”

The mail package was intercepted by an FBI agent who started immediate correspondence with Mr. Toebbe. However, the accused declined to accept gifts or information due to the risks involved. Other documents revealed that Mr. Toebbe suggested a crypto payment of $100,000 as proof. He said, “Please remember I am risking my life for your benefit.”

After the FBI paid $100,000 in crypto, the accused continued with the drop off of the documents in West Virginia. His wife accompanied him and the data was left as an SD card in a sandwich. The data in the card is said to have contained sensitive information regarding submarine reactors. Mr. Toebbe was arrested by the FBI and is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

©Photo: AP Photo/Jack Sauer, File