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2021 High Voter Turnout Could Favor Republicans more Than Democrats

The Republican Party has surprised the nation in the gubernatorial election, gaining a win in Virginia and almost reaching a majority in New Jersey.

PS: Richmond Times

The results have put pressure on Democrats with a high voter turnout which came without former President Trump.

In New Jersey and Virginia, the voter turnout came to approximately 2.5 million and 3.3 million respectively. Both figures exceed previous voter turnouts from 2017 which fell flat at 2.1 million and 2.6 million. The number of votes cast was higher than previous years and took everyone by surprise.

Republican Glenn Youngkin won 500,000 more votes than Ed Gillespie in Virginia. On the other hand, Democrat Terry McAuliffe won 200,000 more votes in comparison to Governor Ralph Northam back in 2017. In simple words, the increase in voter turnout was around 2% where Youngkin was competing.

According to the CNN/SSRS Poll, voter turnout is expected to remain high and over 48% of people are highly enthusiastic about voting for the upcoming midterm elections. The high percentage reflected that more republicans are expected to come out to vote in comparison to democrats. Under the given circumstances and ongoing voter scenario, the election voter turnout for 20222 could set a new record.


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