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Dave Chappelle Accused of “Punching Down” in Latest Netflix Stand-up Special

Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix stand-up special has raised concerns among the LGBTQ community as he is targeted for his transphobic commentary. The Netflix special, “The Closer”, is his sixth stand-up special in his Netflix deal to be aired most recently. After the airing of the show, outraged employees and members of the LGBTQ movement protested his commentary.

PC: The Guardian

Dave Chappelle hit back at the criticism in a recent clip saying,

I want everyone in this audience to know that even though the media frames this that it’s me versus that community, that is not what it is. Do not blame the LGBTQ community for any of this. This has nothing to do with them. It’s about corporate interest, and what I can say, and what I cannot say.

PC: De Morgan

In recent weeks, heated debate about what comedians can say and what cannot say on stage has been in the spotlight. People have raised questions on what is appropriate to talk about on stage and what is not. Jake Kroeger, founder of the Comedy Bureau stated,

Times change, people change, society movies in a direction… I feel like there’s this misunderstood idea of free speech as it’s related to comedy. You can say what you want… but also people are free to feel and express how they feel about your comedy, and that how it goes.”

Dave Chappelle recently announced plans to unveil the screening of the latest documentary Untitled in November. He also said that after the controversy, he was disinvited to a number of film festivals and shows.


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