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Giving Back: Beyoncé and Jay-z Pledge $2M scholarship for Arts Students

Beyoncé and Jay-z have launched their “About Love” campaign to award $2 million scholarships to students in the field of arts. Tiffany & Co has announced its collaboration with both stars and pledged to finance five small historically black colleges and universities HBCUs.

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The about love campaign will provide funds to Norfolk State University in Virginia, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, Bennett College in North Carolina, and the Central State University in Ohio.

Students in need can apply for the scholarships through their respective colleges as long as they are pursuing education in creative fields such as media, performance, visual arts or communications.

Lincoln University President Dr. Brenda A. Allen said in a statement,

We would like to thank the Shawn Carter Foundation, BeyGOOD and Tiffany & Co for including Lincoln University in this amazing gift. Over the years, we have developed a wonderful partnership being a part of the Shawn Carter Foundation HBCU Bus Tour. Lincoln has placed a high priority on supporting the arts and humanities on our campus. Providing financial support for students pursuing these majors’ enhances their ability to more fully engage their studies.

Jay-z and Beyoncé are among the many famed celebrities who believe in giving back to society. Both their charity organizations are geared towards helping underprivileged people acquire an education, develop skills, and set on a career path. Beyoncé has previously donated to other charities as well to provide financial relief and fight for causes such as mental health and coronavirus.


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