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Lewis Hamilton’s “Amazing” Sao Paulo Victory Keeps F1 Title Hopes Alive

Lewis Hamilton beat all odds and claimed victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix, making it one of his greatest wins ever. His outstanding performance and an action-packed race against rival Max Verstappen gave him a lead of 14 points and an ultimate win.


The Sao Paulo Grand Prix victory will add to Hamilton’s extensive list of races for the season. He started off at the back during the initial phase of the tournament and has built his way to finally race wheel-to-wheel against Verstappen.

Both Hamilton and Verstappen have raced against each other in the past but this week’s win came with its own controversies. Hamilton said,

I don’t remember another like this, It’s quite overwhelming, to be honest. This has been probably the best weekends, if not the best weekend, that I have experienced.”


Red Bull’s Sergio Perez was in fourth place whereas Charles Leclerc with the Ferrari was at the fifth spot. Verstappen was heard saying at the end of the race,

It was a good battle but at the end we just missed a little bit of pace. We gave it our all today, it was a lot of fun. We still have a good points lead. Today was a bit of damage limitation on a weekend that was difficult for us. I’m confident that the coming races we will bounce back.


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