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Mauro Castillo Discusses Encanto Song’s Glory in Billboard Hot 100 Charts

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Disney’s Encanto has been making waves of late after claiming the number 5 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

©Photo: Billboard

Mauro Castillo, who plays Felix Madrigal in the movie, gushed about the song’s success saying it is

“a song that unites Latin America”. He expressed feeling “an immense, infinite joy for my country of Colombia”

which serves as the premise of the family-centered film.

The 43 year-old Afro-Latino artist closely resembles his character in the movie, Felix Madrigal (who is uncle to Mirabel and husband to Pepa), which is a testimony of how the movie is a perfect mix of inclusion and a realistic reflection of Colombian culture.

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