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Safest Holiday Destinations to Add to you Bucket List

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The growing Delta Variant is pushing travelers to reconsider their travel plans and seek out safer destinations for holidays. The risk of Covid is present all over the world, but some countries have managed to lower the likelihood of contracting the virus through precautions and high vaccinations.

If you’re planning to find a holiday destination for you and your family which offers minimum risk of contracting the virus, the following countries may be a great option:


Anguilla has reported having some of the lowest infection rates in the world, with only 113 cases occurring this month. This beautiful island offers pristine beaches and breathtaking views to tourists from all over the world. Anguilla could be a great place to holiday this summer without the worry of covid. You may need a vaccine certificate, depending on your home destination.

Antigua and Barbuda

These beautiful Caribbean islands have gained popularity for its natural beauty and laid back environment. Both have achieved a level 1 travel advisory and are considered safe for tourists. However, normal precautions are still to be implemented such as a negative PCR test and mask mandate. But other than that, the tourist spot has an extremely low covid rate and is deemed safer than most places.


Bermuda has managed to keep its covid cases low with social precautions and safety measures. The destination is now becoming a popular tourist hotspot for travelers from all over. The US state department has offered a level 1 travel advisory to the country to promote tourism. If you’re looking for a chilled Caribbean vibe, this may be a great choice for you.


Bulgaria is among the very few European destinations which have received a level 1 travel advisory. This uncommon tourist hotspot is gaining popularity fast as the covid cases continue to decline. Bulgaria is known for its historical monuments, natural geysers and mineral springs.


Romania is another European country deemed safe for travelers. The country has brought down its covid cases to a minimum and is opening up to tourists. Tourists can enjoy a range of fun activities, cultural sightseeing, cuisine and more here. The requirements to visit may depend on your destination of departure as some tourists will be required to provide proof of vaccination.


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