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US Tourists Must Be Fully Vaccinated to Enter Spain

As the Delta Variant continues to spread across the US, European countries are tightening restrictions to curb incoming tourism from the country. Spain is among the latest countries to implement new rules that will take effect this week.

All tourists coming to Spain based on non-essential travel must show a vaccination certificate. This certificate must be recognized as valid by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

This European Union removed the U.S from a list of 20 non-EU countries which are exempt from the non-essential travel rule. Spain accepted the change and implemented new rules stating them as public health reasons. However, US citizens visiting on a diplomat visa or other work visas are exempt from the rule and can enter the country with only a negative PCR test.

The Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden have also tightened their borders to US travelers. Sweden has fully banned US tourists from entering whether they are vaccinated or not whereas Netherlands and Italy are only allowing tourists with a negative PCR test.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has issued warnings to its citizens who plan to travel to Spain and other European countries as the Delta Variant continues to spike.


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