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Winter Paralympics to Begin Today in Beijing amid Russia and Belarus Ejection

The 2022 Winter Paralympics is set to kick off today in Beijing which has become the first city in the world to host both the Winter and the Summer Olympic Games. While around 700 para athletes were set to participate in the event, the number has since gone down by 83 following the exclusion of Russia and Belarus from the Games.

©Photo: The Atlantic

CNN News reported that in the midst of the Ukraine-Russia upheaval, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has debarred participants from Russia and Belarus from competing at this year’s Games. Following outcry from competing teams and athletes, the IPC was forced to exclude Russia and Belarus so as to not threaten the “viability" of the Paralympics and ensure the safety of participants.

This year’s Winter Paralympics will unfold from March 4th till March 13th. The opening ceremony for the Games is scheduled to take place on Friday with the first set of events to happen on the following day on Saturday.

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