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Biden Says Separated Families will Not Receive $450,000 Compensation

President Joe Biden has said that families who have been separated at the U.S Mexico border will not be able to receive payments of $450,000.


The zero-tolerance policy which was issued during the Trump Administration has led to more than 3000 children being separated from their families in 2018.

Under Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, every adult who illegally crossed the border into the U.S was undergoing criminal prosecution which further led to young children being detained separately from their families as minors were by law not allowed inside the federal jails.

Some sources earlier said that families who were separated could be eligible for settlement payouts as compensation. However, despite negotiations, no final amount for the payout has been determined by officials.

According to the Wall Street Journal, initially an amount of $450,000 per individual was decided by the government officials as compensation for damages and trauma caused to the families. Many attorneys and lawyers have took on separate cases to fight for the right of compensation towards detained families.


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