The World Health Organization mentioned that as of Saturday it has confirmed about 92 cases and 28 suspected cases of monkeypox, with...


23 May 2022

WHO Confirms 92 cases of Monkeypox with Outbreaks in 12 Countries

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, has passed away on Friday, May 13, aged 73...


13 May 2022

RIP: UAE’s Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Passes Away

Business Traveller Middle East awards crowned Emirates has been named the “Best Airline Worldwide” for the ninth time in a row. The Dubai...


11 May 2022

Emirates crowned as ‘Best Airline Worldwide’ for the 9th Time in a Row

Saudi Arabia has issued a grim warning pertaining to the world’s unused fuel reserves which are under the threat of being exhausted soon...


11 May 2022

Saudi Arabia Warns about World’s Rapidly Draining Energy Capacity

New research has revealed that the probability of the world surpassing a vital global warming threshold has climbed substantially...


10 May 2022

Scientists Warn of a ‘Fifty-Fifty Chance’ of Temperatures Warming Beyond 1.5C

Scientists are urging people to boost the mining of e-waste in lieu of mining the earth for more precious metals to manufacture new electronic gadgets...


9 May 2022

Scientists Call for E-Waste Mining to Sustainably Manufacture New Gadgets

Peter Kalmus, a scientist at NASA, risked his career to put out warnings against climate change while holding a protest in front of a JP Morgan...


18 Apr 2022

‘We’ve been trying to warn you’: NASA Scientist Rings Climate Change Warning Bell

People hit by fatal floods in South Africa say they have been left traumatised, hurt and homeless after one of the country’s worst storms. More than 300 people have...


15 Apr 2022

Fatal floods in South Africa leave 300 dead and 6,000 Homeless

A comet with a nucleus 50 times bigger than normal is barreling towards Earth at 22,000 miles per hour. It was first spotted in 2010 but only...


14 Apr 2022

NASA spy 'Largest Comet ever seen' barreling towards Earth at 22,000 mph

Nasa's Mega Moon – is the newest massive new rocket of NASA that began its first journey to a launchpad on Thursday ahead of a battery of...


18 Mar 2022

World's Most Powerful Rocket Begins First Journey to Launchpad

Eastern Japan was hit by a major 7.4-magnitude earthquake on Wednesday night, leaving four dead and hundreds injured.


17 Mar 2022

Japan Hit by Deadly 7.4-Magnitude Earthquake, Killing Four and Wounding Hundreds

Recent news indicate that Australia and the Netherlands said they had begun joint legal action against Russia at the International Civil...


14 Mar 2022

Australia, Netherlands started Joint legal action against Russia for downing MH17

World markets are reeling in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as sliding stocks and surging commodity costs are poised to...


9 Mar 2022

Russia Sanctions: Market Volatility Mounts amid Ukraine Crisis