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Meet Boji the Adventurous Dog Who Commutes by Train, bus and Ferries

Boji the dog, a regular commuter on Istanbul’s metro trains and bus is gaining worldwide attention for his adventurous spirit and genius navigation skills.

PC: The Times

The pooch was fitted with a microchip to allow researchers and officials to track his whereabouts and routes across the city. Information revealed he would sometimes travel up to 30 kilometers a day using buses, metro trains and even ferries.

PC: New York Folk

Boji has become a familiar face on public transport and continues to wow passersby. He is often seen travelling to Prince’s island and other hotspots situated outside the city. Aylin Erol, an employee at the Metro Istanbul said,

We noticed a dog using our metros and trains and he knows where to go. He knows where to get out.

Other data collected from the microchip shows Boji as being respectful towards public transport and other passengers. He also prefers sitting in the middle section of a subway carriage. People of the city have become tremendous fans for Boji and have turned him into an internet sensation with over 50,000 followers.


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