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Tripadvisor and Audible Join Hands to Create Amazing Travel Playlists

Every travel enthusiast’s dream is about to come true as Tripadvisor and Audible are collaborating to create enjoyable travel playlists.

PC: Yahoo

The renowned travel company and Amazon’s audiobook service have announced to team up on a new project which will let travelers experience Audible’s library of exclusive originals, audiobooks, and podcasts combined with a trip playlist. This will give users the chance to access their own audio playlists during a trip via mobile phone. Say goodbye to carrying heavy, space-consuming books in your luggage!

Trip advisor charges an annual subscription fee to users who can then enjoy further discounts on most, if not all, of their traveling needs such as hotel accommodation, car rentals, flights, and more. Chief brand and experience officer for Tripadvisor, Lindsay Nelson said,

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Audible to expand our Tripadvisor Plus member benefits outside of the traditional travel experience, which perfectly aligns with guiding and inspiring our travelers on the go.”


Under the new project, Audible users will receive a $30 discount for a yearly subscription to Tripadvisor Plus whereas Tripadvisor members will have access to a 90-day free trial on Audible. Users will now find it easier to pick the best get-away destination while enjoying high-quality audio storytelling.


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