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Bollywood Star Salman Khan Suffers Non-Venomous Snakebite at Panvel Property

Actor Salman Khan was bitten by a non-poisonous snake on Sunday while at his farmhouse in Panvel, India. The Bollywood superstar is currently at the property to ring in his 56th birthday on December 27th.

©Photo: @beingsalmankhan

According to a report by the Times of India, Khan had been bitten by a non-venomous snake at his farmhouse at 3am following which he was immediately taken to the MGM Hospital at Kamothe where he received treatment for his injury. He was discharged at around 9am and is reportedly in a stable condition after sustaining the benign wound to his hand.

Speaking about the incident, his father, veteran actor Salim Khan has assured reporters that his son is doing fine while also expressing his surprise at having found his entire family under media surveillance over “such [a] minor incident” since such occurrences are common in the thickly-forested area.

Salman Khan and his family have gathered at their Panvel property to throw a lavish celebration for the actor’s upcoming birthday.

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