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Conor McGregor and MGK Clash at the VMA Red Carpet

UFC star Conor McGregor and Artist Machine Gun Kelly got into a heated fight at the 2021 Video Movie Awards Red Carpet. The physical altercation was captured on camera as onlookers stood by to see what was happening.


According to close sources, the UFC star wanted to meet Machine Gun Kelly and say hello as he started to walk up to the singer. However, MKG said something which was misunderstood or not heard properly which led to Conor being pushed away by the bodyguard.

Other sources have come forward saying Conor McGregor asked for a photo with machine gun Kelly but was denied, causing the situation to escalate as he was pushed back, spilling his drink. Conor threw his remaining drink at MGK to instigate a fight which was broken up by security teams. However, neither of them were able to even lay a finger on each other thanks to the fast-thinking bodyguards present nearby.

PC: FASHION Magazine

Speaking to the publication, Conor McGregor said he only fights real fighters and certainly not “little venially boy rappers.” He also went on to say he does not know Machine Gun Kelly other than the fact he is with Megan Fox.

Conor McGregor is known for his public outbursts and foul-mouthed attacks at recent events. Reporters have tried contacting both stars to find out what the brief showdown was about, but none have come forward to respond.


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