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Prince Harry Talks about Mental Health during Impassionate Speech at Gala

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Prince Harry, who has been an avid supporter of mental health gave an emotional speech at the “Salute to Freedom Gala” in which he discussed his “invisible wounds.” The prince and his wife, Meghan Markel attended the event on Wednesday in New York City. Meghan Marker surprised everyone in her red Carolina Herrera gown as she walked down the red carpet with her husband.

PC: Yahoo News

Prince Harry presented the 2021 Intrepid Valor Awards and gave an impassionate speech to the audience about the importance of recognizing pain which may not be in a physical form. He said,

“I’d also like to speak briefly about something else that, until recently, has existed in the darkness: the invisible wounds that we are all susceptible to. The scars on the inside that no one sees. For too long, invisible injuries were treated as just that invisible and were destined to be swept under the rug at the risk of shame, guilt or just a lack of understanding.

PC: Observer

As he addressed the crowd, he particularly focused on the service members who have left the service. The prince discussed how individuals who have lived for the service for many years may find it hard to adapt to a new life upon returning home. He further added,

My experience in the military made me who I am today, and I will always be grateful for the people I got to serve with wherever in the world we were.


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