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Taylordle: Taylor Swift-themed Version of Wordle Unveiled

A Taylor Swift-themed word game has released online which is based on the personal and professional life of the Grammy-award winning singer, much to the delight of her fan base who are collectively known as ‘Swifties’.

The Holy Swift podcast announced the arrival of the game in a tweet, “Calling all Swifties who Wordle. Introducing…..TAYLORDLE.”

As per the tweet, every word in the game is “part of the Swiftie universe.” In fact, the first word is largely based on Swift’s relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal and All Too Well, her 10-minute song inspired by it.

Taylordle is another version of the viral word game Wordle, which was recently bought by The New York Times.

The Holy Swift podcast is hosted by Jessica Zaleski, Kelly Boyles, and Krista Doyle who “dissect the entire Swift discography, song-by-song, in meticulous detail.” The podcast focuses on analyzing Swift’s oeuvre as a singer who loves to leave a trail of Easter eggs in her work.

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